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This is the medium volume Roman stability 2 K1. This kayak's stability feels like a cross between a short ocean ski and a K1 on flatwater.

  • The Tyguer, uses a slightly less U shaped hull than the more stable Romaster, to give stability allowing more power to be put into each stroke.
  • The Tyguer is nearly the same width as the Sail IV K1, which maintains it's speed, to be only marginally slower than the elite Sail IV.
  • This kayak is the best in the Roman Kayaks range at turning thanks to the rocker or curve in the hull. No one will be able to get inside you around the buoys in this.
  • Foot pump installed as standard.


Kayak size to Athlete weight: Medium (65-80kg)

Length: 5.2m


Superelite Marathon approximately 8kg - $4890AUD inc. GST

  • Construction: Carbon, PVC core, epoxy resin

Stability: 2

Width: 40.5cm

Cockpit dimensions: 92.5cm x 39.5cm