This is the large volume Roman mid-stability K1. This is not a barge, and is only marginally slower than the Sail IV with a more stable feeling of an ocean ski similar to an Epic V12 on flat water.

  • The use of a U-shape rather than a V-shaped hull creates more stability allowing more power to be put into each stroke.
  • The Romaster has a width only 1 cm more than the Sail IV K1, which helps maintain it's speed to be only marginally slower than the elite Sail IV.
  • This kayak excels at turning and wash rides superbly thanks to unique hull curves and distribution of volume throughout the hull.
  • Great through choppy water, keeping a straight line to where you want to go.


Kayak size to Athlete weight: Medium (75-85kg), Large (85kg+)

Length: 5.2m


Superelite Marathon approximately 8kg - $4890AUD inc. GST

  • Construction: Carbon, PVC core, epoxy resin.

Stability: 3 (mid stability)

Width: 41cm

Cockpit dimensions: 92.5cm x 40cm



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