The Dynamic is a very stable competitive kayak such as the Sail IV models. The greater stability of this kayak provides the ability to apply more power to each stroke. Click here for more photos.


The outstanding benefits of the Dynamic K1 are:

  • Acceleration off the wash - by moving the Dynamic cockpit forward you now sit infront of the low point of the wash. This allows you to accelerate off the wash much faster than other kayaks which have to pull out of the "hole".
  • Rocker in the keel - the rocker in the Dynamic K1 is large. This allows the kayak to be agile, which then combined with the wide flat tail gives stability and ease to keep it moving at a high coasting pace.
  • Efficiency at pace - thanks to physics and a nautical engineer the Dynamic's flat tail lends quality of a planing hull to how it moves through the water. The flat tail and large volume in the rear gives it ease to maintain speeds above 4:30min/km. It also allows for this kayak to turn very well.
  • Reverse stern - reduces the wash you give off the tail minimizing the benefit to your competition.
  • Hard chines - the edges on the hull give the kayak better tracking on and off the wash so it keeps your kayak going where you want it to go. This means if you are in the V-Wash you will be working much less than competitors in traditional U-shaped hulls.
  • Foot pump - fitted as a standard on all orders.


Kayak size to Athlete weight: Medium (70-80kg), Large (80kg+)

Length: 5.2m


Superelite Marathon (8.5kg)    $5350

Layup: Carbon/PVC/Carbon; Volumes: Medium and Large


Stability: 3 (So you can apply the power)



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