Sail IV

Elite Marathon Racing K1




Stability 2 K1 for paddlers up to 80kg



Mid-stability K1 for paddlers 80kg+



A stable marathon weight racing kayak



New hull design Elite Marathon Racing K1

Welcome to Roman Kayaks Australia importers of the Spanish racing kayaks.

Roman Kayaks, in Spain, is the first kayak manufacturers to design kayaks specifically for the dynamic needs of marathon kayak races.

Unlike other manufacturers we do not just make sprint kayak at a marathon kayak weight.

Roman design to create a kayak that can easily hold a wash, turn easily and be as fast as the others.

Roman Kayaks Australia imports several Roman kayak models for several different types of marathon paddlers.

Roman Kayaks Australia

PO Box 5152

South Turramurra,

New South Wales 2074


Phone: (02) 8064 4396

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